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Office Administrator

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Palm Coast, FL, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

Manage day-to-day office operations
Oversee activities related to the school, community service organization, and business services
Utilize MS Office 365 Suite for efficient document management
Demonstrate excellent communication skills
Contribute to marketing, advertising, and recruiting efforts


  • Job Title: Office Administration Volunteer

  • Location: Palm Coast, FL

  • Type: Volunteer (1 year commitment, with the opportunity for paid upgrade)

  • Hours: Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm

  • Degree: Business Administration degree is ideal but not required


    • Proficient in MS Office 365 Suite

    • Strong communication skills

    • Marketing, advertising, and recruiting experience

    • Ability to adapt to various roles and tasks

    • Open-minded and ready to tackle challenges

    • Exceptional multitasking skills

    Why Join Us:

    • Be part of a growing business with a positive impact on the community

    • Gain valuable experience in office administration, marketing, and business services

    • Opportunity to transition into a paid position after one year

    • Work in a supportive and collaborative team environment

    How to Apply: If you are ready to take on this pivotal role and contribute to the success of Wise Business Choices, Inc., please send your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your relevant skills and experiences to

    Join us in making wise choices for a brighter future! 🚀

About the Company

Wise Business Choices, Inc., a multifaceted For-Profit Corporation dedicated to providing exceptional business and travel club services. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to excellence, integrity, and community enrichment.

Our Affiliates:
Wise Business Choices, Inc. proudly stands as an affiliate of esteemed organizations, each contributing to our holistic approach to business and community development:

Global University (aka Global Bible College and Seminary):
A center for academic excellence, Global University fosters knowledge and leadership in diverse fields, enriching individuals with education that transcends boundaries.

Rose White Ministries:
Committed to spreading love, compassion, and positive change, Rose White Ministries uplifts communities through various outreach programs and initiatives both nationally and internationally.

The Refuge Enrichment Community Center, Inc.:
Serving as a hub for community empowerment, The Refuge Enrichment Community Center, Inc. provides resources, support, and opportunities for personal and collective growth.

J316 Publishing:
J316 Publishing is dedicated to sharing inspirational messages and stories that resonate with readers, fostering a sense of connection and purpose, while assisting those desiring to create and publish their writings.

Our Services:
Wise Business Choices, Inc. offers a diverse range of services designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients:

Business Services:
Tailored solutions for businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape through Professional Life Coaching.

Travel Club Services:
Exclusive travel experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime. We help people to travel for less while also providing the opportunity to generate residual income.

Our Vision:
Empowered by a vision of creating a positive impact on businesses and communities, Wise Business Choices, Inc. strives to be a beacon of wisdom, choice, and success.

Connect With Us:
Join us on this journey of wise choices and meaningful impact. Follow us on social media, explore our services, and become a part of a community dedicated to making a difference.

🌟 Wise Business Choices, Inc. - Navigating Success, Building Communities. 🌟

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